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AER Acousticube 3
Acousticube 3 Acousticube 3 Acousticube 3 Acousticube 3

AER - Acousticube 3

Artnr: IDS0024643


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The acoustiCube 3 – without a doubt the benchmark among amplifying systems for acoustic instruments. With version '3' we have made improvements to sound, dynamics, presence, and natural sound. Not to mention the features!
In essence – we have combined all the suggestions of Cube enthusiasts with all our knowledge and without compromise. The result is the acoustiCube 3.

New for version 3
• Two identical channels
• Bass-reflex cabinet separated from the electronics
• New two-way speaker system
• 4V dynamic reserve in pre-amp EQ range
• Separately adjustable and stabilised power source
• Pre-amp matrix: three pre-amps, two phantom power, combi-modus
• 32bit digital processor with USB-interface for parameter adjustment manipulation
• Aux in, mute, insert