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AKG GN 50 E 5Pin

AKG - GN 50 E 5Pin

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Similar to the GN E Modules, the GN E 5Pin Modules come with an integrated connector with phantom power adapter. One special feature is the 5-pin XLR connector, which ensures that the extra-large LED ring can be activated and deactivated using a separate power supply, e.g., a Logic out from the AS 16 x 12 automatic mixer. The LED ring is extra large for enhanced visibility. Of course the GN E 5Pin also has the same features as all Discreet Acoustics Modular Series installation modules, such as a gold-plated thread for screwing on the capsule, integrated switchable bass cut, and extremely strong joints that will withstand the toughest kind of usage.

5-pin connector
The 5-pin XLR connector allows the audio signal and the control voltage for the LED ring to be fed separately.

Connector pinout
1. Audio ground
2. LED ring +
3. Audio inphase
4. LED ring –
5. Audio return

Gooseneck with 5-pin XLR connector
Extra large controllable LED ring
Highly reliable contacts for capsule modules
Integrated switchable bass cut