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AKG HUB 4000 Q

AKG - HUB 4000 Q

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Integration into any HiQnet® system For integrating AKG wireless devices such as DSR 700, SR 4000/4500 or SST 4 into a HiQnet® network a HUB 4000 Q is needed. One can connect up to 8 AKG devices like SR 4000/4500 or SST 4 to a HUB 4000 Q. The HUB 4000 Q is connected to the HiQnet network over ethernet (10 MBit half duplex) and lets the user control and set up the AKG wireless system from System Architect. For large wireless systems, one can add several HUB 4000 Qs using standard Ethernet switches (or routers, wireless hubs, ...), allowing you to configure and monitor the entire setup from a single window in System Architect.
The HUB 4000 Q quickly and easily integrates the professional DMS 700, WMS 4000/4500 wireless system and In Ear Monitoring system IVM 4 into any HiQnet® system.

System Architect software The entire HiQnet® system is configured and controlled with the software application - Harman Pro System Architect™. With System Architect all devices within a HiQnet® network can be controlled and monitored from a single graphic user interface. The AKG designed, channel-oriented user interface in System Architect™ provides intuitive control and makes setting up the system child's play using 1 Click Setup, Environment Scan, RF Monitor, Programmer Guide, Offline Configuration and many other functions. With System Architects Custom Control Panel feature the user can customize and build customer specific panels.

HUB 4000 Q:
HiQnet® ethernet interface for connecting up to eight AKG devices to a HiQnet® network
Monitoring and controlling of a wireless system with the System Architect™
Supports DSR 700 (DMS 700), SST 4 (IVM 4) and SR 4000/4500 (WMS 4000/4500)
True plug & play device
All-metal case

NEW: Support of DSR 700 (DMS 700)
NEW: Faster Environment Scan
Easy to use and intuitive user interface
Fast and easy setup of a wireless system with Device
Manager, 1 Click Setup, Environment Scan and Programmer Guide
1 Click Setup for setting up the entire wireless system with a single click
RF Monitor with Rehearsal Graph
Programmer Guide
Offline configuration of the wireless system
Saving and loading of configuration files
Building of Custom Control Panels possible