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Audac ATU44

Audac - ATU44

Artnr: IDS0010682

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The ATU44 is a universal input adapter which can be used for a wide varity of connections and extensions.
It can be used for coverting any loudspeaker level into a balanced or unbalanced Line level signal. It has inputs for 100V, 70V, 50V, 33V and standard 8 Ohm low impedance speaker signals.
A second possibility is converting an unbalanced line level signal into a balanced one, and vice versa.
The switch on the frontpanel allows you to select between converting a speakersignal into a line level signal, or the conversion of line level signals.
The in- and outputs are completely galvanic isolated by means of an audio isolation transformer. This makes the ATU44 the perfect solution for solving hum and buzz problems caused by ground loops.

Dimensions (W x H x D)108 x 44 x 96 mm
Weight530 g
Input connectorsEuro terminal block
Output connectors3-p male XLR
Speaker input level100 V / 70 V / 50 V / 33 V / 8 Ohm