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Beyerdynamic Headzone PRO XT V2

Beyerdynamic - Headzone PRO XT V2

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Headzone PRO XT without headtracking.

5.1 monitoring headphone system without headtracking consisting of:
The system can easily be equipped with the headtracking function as it is already integrated in the hard- and software of this package. You just need to extend your system with a "HT" headphone model with integrated headtracker, the receiver rail HR 2, and the clip HC 1. As HT versions available are models DT 770 PRO HT and DT 880 PRO HT .

•19“/ 1 HU rack mount device, fanless
•Analogue 5.1 audio inputs: balanced, 25-pin Sub-D female, channel 1 – 6 according to Tascam standard
•Digital 5.1 audio inputs: Firewire (IEEE 1394) or AES/EBU (3-pin XLR female)
•Adjustable, password protected limiter
•Patented EarPatron® technology
•2nd headphone output
•Additional communication input (e.g. for talkback): balanced, 3-pin XLR female; with volume control
•3 banks for individual setups – direct access through freely programmable front panel buttons •?Internal switching power supply (100 to 240 VAC)