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Clavia Nord Pedal keys 27

Clavia - Nord Pedal keys 27

Artnr: IDS0009183

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The PK27 is a bass key MIDI pedalboard designed for use with Nord's C2 digital organ. It comes equipped with an integrated swell pedal and is built of sturdy aluminum. Its 27 keys are over a foot long each, to give you enough length for proper toe-heel playing technique. Each of the PK27's extra-long keys have an elegant wooden finish. Because the PK27 is made of aluminum, it weighs a modest 34 lbs. (15.5kg). It sports a MIDI output port and connects to Nord's C2 digital organ's "Bass Pedal MIDI Input" with a single MIDI cable.

Intended for use with Nord's C2 digital organ
27 Long, 13.8" (35cm) keys that let you play with proper toe-heel playing technique
Integrated swell pedal for flexible and realistic playing style
Sturdy aluminum chassis weights only 34 lbs. (15.5kg)
Attaches to the C2 organ with only a single MIDI cable