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Artnr: IDS0067361

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Solid Alder Body
Alder is favoured by most players for its incredibly balanced tone, offering the perfect dynamic range to suit most musical styles. The alder body is perfect for a variety of playing styles as its excellent sustain and resonance ensures each note is heard. Its bright, sizzling highs, rounded lows, and beefy midrange sets up the foundation of the guitar's overall tonality, allowing players to achieve the perfect sounds for most situations. The body also features a contoured design, allowing the guitar to hug the player and deliver an incredibly comfortable performance.

Maple Neck-Through Construction
The ESP E-II RZK-II features a 3-piece maple neck to produce beautifully bright tones, with searing highs and strong mids for a dynamic performance. Its thin U-shaped profile is perfect for speed demons, allowing players to easily reach across the entire fingerboard without losing any comfort. The addition of a rosewood fingerboard provides the tone with extra sweetness, smoothing out and furring up the harsh edges of the maple. The neck-through construction optimises the maximum contact between the neck and body joint, enhancing the guitar's resonance for an advanced sustain. This setup allows superior vibration transfer and sustainability, perfect for when you need notes to ring out for as long as possible.

Active EMG 81 Pickups
The Signature ESP E-II guitar wields a pair of powerful EMG 81 humbucking pickups to provide a punchy and thick tonality when in the bridge position, and a warm, sharp tone in the neck position. Constructed from close aperture coils and featuring ceramic magnets, the iconic EMG 81 humbucking pickups provide advanced detail and a truly meaty tone. EMG pickups are favoured by many professional musicians due to their unbeatable tone, active circuitry, high output and low noise.

Floyd Rose Original Tremolo
For many years Floyd Rose has been the leading manufacturer and designer of floating, locking tremolos. With a design that has stood strong for over 30 years, the Floyd Rose Original locking tremolo allows you to adjust the string tension and pitch with the removable whammy bar to create unique sounds such as dive bombs. Unlike non-locking tremolo's, the Floyd Rose bridge can make huge changes in pitch but still retain the initial tuning by the addition of a locking nut at the end of the headstock.

About Richard Z. Kruspe
Richard Zven Kruspe is a talented musician from Germany, known for his work as the guitarist of the industrial band Rammstein and the frontman of Emigrate. Richard began learning the guitar after he bought his first in Czechoslovakia with the intention to sell it on for a profit, it was only when he met a girl at a campground that he became interested in playing. After that he spent years learning and perfecting his own playing style on his own, resulting in a combination of technical playing with pure aggression, and in 1989 formed the band Rammstein with fellow band members.

About ESP Guitars
ESP is a Japanese guitar manufacturer, established in 1975 under the name Electric Sound Products, primarily focused on the production of electric guitars and basses. Their product range will suit a wide variety of budgets and playing styles, with their popular Signature, Standard, Original, Graphic, Xtone, and Left-Handed series' guitars. The company has a growing number of high profile artists who have designed their own signature instruments, such as Ron Wood, Kirk Hammett, Jeff Hanneman and many more.

Body & Bridge
Body: Alder
Construction: Neck-Through
Bridge: Floyd Rose Original
Finish: Distressed & Burnt
Neck & Fingerboard
Neck: 3-Piece Maple
Profile: Thin U
Scale Length: 25.5''
Fingerboard: Rosewood
Radius: 12''
Frets: 24 Extra Jumbo
Nut: Locking
Nut Width: 42mm
Electronics & Hardware
Bridge Pickup: EMG 81 (Ceramic/Active)
Neck Pickup: EMG 81 (Ceramic/Active)
Controls: Volume, 3-Way Toggle Switch
Tuners: Gotoh
Strap Buttons: Schaller Straplock
Hardware: Chrome
Case Included: ESP Hardshell