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Mackie Control Extender Pro

Mackie - Control Extender Pro

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The Mackie Control Extender Pro is a control surface extender that expands your Mackie Control Universal Pro unit with the addition of eight motorized, touch-sensitive Penny + Giles faders, plus V-Pot rotary encoders and push-buttons on every channel strip. The Mackie Control Extender Pro module attaches seamlessly to the Control Universal Pro unit, integrating with all the main control surface's functions and commands without the need for any external hardware. You can expand your MCU's ability to control your DAW even further with the addition of the Mackie Control Extender Pro.

Mackie Control Expander Pro Features:
•Eight-Fader Control Surface Extension for MCU Pro
•Proprietary Mackie communication protocol for seamless software integration by DAW makers
•100mm touch-sensitive optical Penny + Giles motorized faders
•Multi-function V-Pots for fast control of panning, effects levels and more
•Channel mute, solo, pan, send level and record arm functions
•Full meter display with track names and parameters