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Native Instruments Traktor Scratch Control Vinyl Clear MK2

Native Instruments - Traktor Scratch Control Vinyl Clear MK2

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Native Instruments

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Native Scratch technology features newly-designed TRAKTOR SCRATCH MK2 timecode for incredible scratch performance and more authentic vinyl feel.
Native Scratch’s new MK2 timecode is compatible with all "next generation" TRAKTOR SCRATCH products when using the free TRAKTOR 2.1.1 service update.
To find out which version of TRAKTOR you are currently using simply click on the NI logo when running the software.

Pure Vinyl Feeling
TRAKTOR SCRATCH closes the gap between digital and analog DJing. The control signal is formatted onto special CDs and vinyl, and has an unmatched response - it feels like the digital file is cut into the wax. Pressed onto 120g vinyl, each disc contains one side with 17 minutes of control code, plus a 12 minute long flip side with deeper cut grooves for turntablists and scratch DJs. A special 'scroll track' allows you to select your next tune using only the turntable- with no need to touch your computer.

With the the "record flip" feature, TRAKTOR SCRATCH instantly detects that you have flipped your control vinyl to it’s other side and will automatically load the next track in the playlist.
Mastered and cut at Berlin’s renowned studio ‘Dubplates and Mastering’, the grooves have exceptional depth for gripping the stylus.

A 2 kHz carrier frequency offers twice as much tracking information as all competing digital DJ systems with vinyl control. Very slow speeds can be tracked with unmatched smoothness, whilst decoding is much more reliable due to the greater signal headroom available.

•Twice as fast as all competing control signals
•Ultra high response using 2khz control signal
•Improved high-speed-spinning capabilities
•120g vinyl ideal for turntablists and scratch DJs
•Unique scroll feature