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Powegrip Powergrip YG-1 strömfilter & skydd

Powegrip - Powergrip YG-1 strömfilter & skydd

Artnr: IDS0108015

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14500 kr

11595 kr/st

The internal filters detect and clean even very small impurities which are transmitted to the system via the mains supply circuits and can affect the user's enjoyment of their AV system. This filter will also help prolong the life of the components in the connected AV equipment.

In case a very large fluctuation or 'spike' in the mains voltage occurs, the internal filter instantly switches the system off - thus preventing damage. In two minutes, the filter will switch the system back on again. Smaller fluctuations or 'surges' are suppressed without switching off the system so you continue to enjoy your music or movies undisturbed.
Power consumption, max.: 16A, 3680W Watt
Net weight: 10 kg.