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Beyerdynamic Headzone PRO V2

Beyerdynamic - Headzone PRO V2

Artnr: IDS0011899

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12895 kr/st

Maintaining our position at the forefront of music technology isn't always easy, but it certainly is a lot of fun. We make new and exciting discoveries all the time when traversing the cutting-edge. The latest is the new beyerdynamic Headzone Professional 5.1 Monitoring Headphone System. Headzone is the first mobile headphone system that allows you to take a virtual 5.1 control room with you wherever you go. A Headzone for the home is also in the works, so home theater enthusiasts can get the full surround experience at any hour of the day. If you like living on the edge, the cutting edge that is, it's time to get in the zone, the Beyerdynamic Headzone.

Beyerdynamic Headzone PRO at a Glance:
•Professional portable headphone monitoring system with virtual 5.1 reproduction.
•Create a custom virtual 5.1 control room with environment simulation software
•Headtracking fixes your listening location and compensates playback dependant on your movement

Beyerdynamic Headzone PRO Features:
•Beyerdynamic Headzone PRO is a virtual 5.1 monitoring system
•Parameters that affect sound in a real room can be adjusted virtually
•Headtracking provides perfect localization and constant spatial awareness.
•Base station: 1U half-rack/desktop unit
•6 analog audio inputs
•Digital 5.1 audio-input via FireWire connection (IEEE1394)
•In "bypass mode" the unit can be used as a reference stereo headphone amplifier
•DT 880 PRO studio headphone (250 ohms) with integrated ultrasonic exciters
•Standard 6.3 mm jack plug
•Uncolored, wide audio reproduction
•Can be used as a standard stereo headphone
•Headzone Rail and Clip: Headtracker ultrasonic receivers with flexible clip to mount Headzone Rail to computer displays or for use as a stand or wall mount adapter
•Software Control Panel
•All parameters are adjustable save individual setups
•Compatible with Windows 2000, Windows XP and Mac OS X
•Audio Drivers: ASIO, WDM, Core Audio