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Evans B06RES7

Evans - B06RES7

Artnr: IDS0078653

Leveranstid: 3-8 vardagar.

200 kr/st

The Evans B06RES7 Reso 7 Series 6" White Coated Resonant Tom Head features a single ply of coated 7mil film that provides a full tonal response with a shortened sustain without the need for additional muffling.

For too long, drummers have been conditioned to believe that the control of resonance and sustain from a drum stems from the batter head, when really it’s the resonant (or bottom) head that is responsible for this aspect of sound. By using a thinner resonant head, one can achieve similar tone to a thicker head but with a faster decay (or shorter sustain). The Reso 7 is a 7mil coated resonant head featuring a unique 7mil film that provides a full tone without uncontrollable sustain.

Thin film provides shorter sustain for a controlled response
Unique 7mil film coated for warmth of tone
Evans Level 360 Technology™ provides the best possible fit with ease of tuning and a wider tonal range
Made in the USA