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Evans EPP-G1RD-H30

Evans - EPP-G1RD-H30

Artnr: IDS0079365

Leveranstid: 3-8 vardagar.

695 kr/st

The Snare Drum Power Pack is a combined Evans and Puresound bundle featuring some of their best selling items at a discounted price. This is ideal for any drummer looking to get the most out of their snare drum by refreshing the components that give these drums their unique sound.


B14G1RD – Evans 14″ Power Center Reverse Dot

Evans Power Center snare heads feature a 10mil film. Extra durability and focus is provided by a centrally located 5mil patch on the bottom of the head. Unique slots in the 5″ diameter dot allow it to flex, keeping the head open and resonant.

S14H30 – Evans 14″ Clear 300 Snare Side

Evans snare side clear 300 heads are the best selling series of Evans snare side heads and feature a single ply of 3mil film.

CPS1420 – Puresound 14″ Custom Pro Series Steel Snare (20 Strand)

The Custom Pro Series wires are designed with Anti-Choke end plates that significantly reduce annoying snare buzz and also provide a wider range of available snare tension without choking the drum. The Speed Release straps allow the player to disengage the snare wires without releasing the straps for the strainer or butt clamps. The result is snare wire changes that can happen in seconds.

DADK – Evans Magnetic Head Drum Key

Evans Magnetic Head Drum Key is ergonomically designed for comfort and has a knurled knob for quick, easy spinning. It’s magnetic head helps prevent slipping and stays in place for fast tightening and loosening. Rattle-free design: grips tight to a tension rod during play so it won’t buzz.