Pioneer DJ DDJ-200
Pioneer DJ DDJ-200
Pioneer DJ DDJ-200
Pioneer DJ DDJ-200
Pioneer DJ DDJ-200

Pioneer DJ DDJ-200

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Pioneer DJ

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Skall du köpa din första DJ-kontroller? DDJ-200 är det perfekta valet för den som vill testa på att DJ:a. Den är designad för att användas tillsammans med smartphones och surfplattor och är kompatibel med WeDJ, Edjing och Djay2. Du kan självklart även använda den tillsammans med en dator. Du kan även streama musik direkt från t.ex Beatport, Soundcloud, Tidal och Deezer.

The Pioneer DDJ-200 is the world’s first wireless DJ controller and designed for use alongside smartphones and tablets and is compatible with WeDJ, Edjing, and Djay2. You can even stream music directly from Beatport, Soundcloud, Tidal and Deezer allowing you to access a wealth of music. The DDJ 200 enables absolutely anybody, regardless of their musical and technical knowledge, a fun and intuitive way to start the jump into mixing your favourite tunes. Thanks to the tutorial, pop-hint, and transition FX features the DDJ-200 is perfect for those who want to start DJing.

The DDJ-200 has been designed with beginner and hobby DJs in mind providing you with tools that allow your mixes to sound professional. The tutorial feature provides you with insights into various features and effects allowing you to pick up tips on how best to perform a variety of DJ techniques. The pop-hint function inside of WeDJ works to explain the functionalities of buttons and controls giving you an in-depth explanation of how best to utilise the controls. These features are ideal for people who have never performed using DJ hardware before and let you get up, running, and mixing in no time.

The transition FX function lets you seamlessly mix between tracks even if you have zero experience behind the decks and is the world’s first feature to offer professional sounding mixes in various styles. Activate the transition FX feature within WeDJ, then choose any of the 11 effects, then when you slide the crossfader to mix one track into the other you’ll hear the effect take control giving you a professional-standard transition. Another world first feature is the phrase sync function that also helps ensure transitions between tracks are as perfect as can be. Pioneer’s phrase analysis algorithms work to analyse the composition of your tracks and detects phrases. When you tap the dedicated button inside WeDJ, phrase sync uses this analysis to align the start and end positions of phrases in two tracks which ensures you’ll get a natural sounding mix.

The DDJ-200 comes with multi-app compatibility which includes WeDJ, Edjing Mix, and Djay2 for smartphones and tablets as well as support for various music streaming services such as Beatport, Soundcloud, Tidal and Deezer which lets you discover music from a wealth of genres, artists, labels with a massive online catalogue. You can also use the 200 alongside Pioneer’s proprietary DJ application for PC/Mac, Rekordbox DJ. The beginner DJ controller wirelessly connects to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth making it the first DJ controller ever to feature wireless connectivity. Both the master and headphone audio is outputted from your smart device, simply connect the provided audio splitter cable and connect your speaker system and headphones to the two separate audio output connections and you’ll be able to hear your master channel and your headphone output independently of each other.

The 2-channel DJ controller features a range of professional DJ controls and functionalities. Each deck on the DDJ 200 comes equipped with a jog wheel for scratching and moving through a track as well as a pitch fader for adjusting BPM speeds, transport controls with play/pause, cue and beat sync, a shift button for accessing secondary functions, and eight performance pads that let you access and trigger hot cues, loops, pad FX, and a sampler. The central mixer section provides you with basic mixer controls which include a 3-band EQ with high, mid, and low-frequency bands alongside a dedicated colour FX control which lets you use a bipolar filter, echo, noise, and bit crusher. Two up-faders allow you to control the volume of decks 1 and 2 while a crossfader gives you the ability to smoothly transition between songs, above the crossfader, you’ll find the transition FX control activation button.

Pioneer’s WeDJ app comes with an intuitive layout that mirrors Rekordbox software. The top panel lets you change viewing modes, activate auto-mix, start/stop mix recordings, access the pop-hint function, and displays battery life as well as the DDJ-200 connection. You get a waveform of both decks as well as essential track data including song key, BMP/tempo, song title, and time elapsed/remaining. Two moving waveforms provide you with a beatgrid for both decks and when phrase sync is activated you see the musical phrases labelled in between the waveforms giving you a guide for when to bring the next track in.

Additional controls within the app give you the ability to access the performance panel as well as slip mode while a pad mode selector lets you change the trigger pads between hot cue, loop, pad FX, and sampler. A colour FX selector enables you to switch between the filter and other effects. At the bottom of the screen, you change the transition FX. Once you’ve recorded a mix, you can upload your mix directly to Soundcloud and Mixcloud so you can share your mixes on social platforms and impress your mates with your newly learnt DJ skills.

Pioneer DDJ-200 2-Channel Wireless DJ Controller Key Features:

Multi-app compatibility and support for music streaming services
Connect the DDJ-200 to your smartphone, tablet, or PC/Mac and choose from a number of compatible DJ apps such as WeDJ, MWM SAS's edjing Mix, and Algoriddim's djay and control tracks stored on your device
Tutorial and Pop-Hint features to help beginners enjoy DJing
Combine the DDJ-200 with WeDJ for iPhone to use the Tutorial feature which summarises the basics of DJing
Transition FX - World's first feature on a controller enabling easy performing of professional-sounding mixes in various styles
The DDJ-200 is the world's first DJ controller to reproduce various patterns of DJ mixes between tracks for people with no experience behind the decks
Phrase Sync - World's first feature on a controller for easy, natural switches between tracks
Pioneer's phrase analysis algorithms analyse the composition of your tracks and detect phrases and aligns the start and end positions of musical phrases in two tracks so it sounds natural when you switch between them
Compact, lightweight body for DJing anytime, anywhere
Take the DDJ-200 wherever you want thanks to its lightweight and slim body and can be powered via a power bank so you don't need to stay close to a power outlet
Slit output for DJ performances - Use split cables to separate the audio output of your smarthone, tablet, PC/Mac into master and monitor outputs.

Pioneer DDJ-200 2-Channel Wireless DJ Controller Technical Specifications:

Input/Output terminals (USB): USB (Type B) x 1
Power supply: USB bus powered
Power consumption: DC 5V, 500mA
Bluetooth (specification): Bluetooth 4.2 (Low-energy)
Maximum dimensions (WxDxH mm): 378 x 208 x 48.2
Accessories: USB cable, split cable, warranty (for some regions), quick start guide (WeDJ/Rekordbox); quick start guide (djay), quick start guide (edjing mix)
Power supply: AC adaptor (DC 12V)
Power consumption: DC 12V, 1400mA
Maximum dimensions (WxDxH mm): 632 x 334.5 x 69.7
Weight: 4.7Kg / 10.5lb
Accessories: AC adaptor, ower cable, USB cable, quick start guide, Rekordbox DJ license key card

WeDJ (iPhone)

Compatible OS (iOS): iOS 12, 11, 10
iPhone: XR, XS, XS Max, X, 8, 8 Plus, 7, 7 Plus, SE, 6s, 6s Plus, 6, 6 Plus, 5s, Touch (6th generation)

Rekordbox DJ

Compatible OS (Mac): macOS Mojave 10.14 (latest version), macOS High Sierra 10.13 (latest version), macOS Sierra 10.12 (latest version)
Windows: Windows 10, 8.1,7 (latest service pack)
CPU: Intel processor core i7, i5, i3
Memory: 4GB or more RAM


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