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Yamaha MODX8+

Yamaha - MODX8+

Artnr: IDS0117065

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Tillgänglig i butik på ca 6-11 vardagar.


Leveranstid ca 6-11 vardagar.


27265 kr

20890 kr/st

- 88 vägda anslagskänsliga tangenter
- Motion Control Synthesis Engine, AWM2 och FM-X
- 256 rösters polyfoni - 128 för AWM2 och 128 för FM-X
- 16 parters multitimbralitet
- 5,67 GB vågformsminne och 1,75 GB användarminne
- 2000 performanceljud
- Super Knob, 4 programmerbara rattar och 4 programmerbara
- USB för audio och MIDI
- Storlek: 133,3x40,4x16 cm
- Vikt: 13,8 kg

Its 88 keys Graded Hammer Standard keyboard makes the MODX8+ a Music Synthesizer that is perfect for keyboardists who want to combine their pianistic demands with multi-layered and dynamic sounds - to stand out on every stage, studio, or stream. And all that with a live weight of just under 14 kg. The MODX8+ uses the same powerful technologies as its big brother MONTAGE, which he made famous as Motion Control Synthesis. Thus, the MODX8+ creates its sounds with the help of two Synthesis Engines: the Sample-based AWM2 Synthesis Engine (Advanced Wave Memory 2) and the FM- X Synthesis Engine (Frequency Modulation), which can be used at will and in
parallel. The result is exceptional sound quality and complex sound design that is further enhanced by additional functions. Smart Morph, for example, allows morphing between FM-X sounds, creating a variety of new and interactive sounds. Motion Control allows simultaneous control of up to 128 parameters - automated or manually with the Super Knob.

88 keys, weighted GHS keyboard, initial touch
Tone Generator:
Motion Control Synthesis
AWM2: up to 8 Elements per Part
128 voices of polyphony
5.67 GB Waveform-ROM
1.75 GB Flash-RAM
FM-X: up to 8 Operators
88 Algorithms
128 voices of polyphony
Integrated Effects, Part-EQ, Master-EQ
2,227 Preset Performances (up to 16 Parts per Performance for Splits, Layers, MIDI-Multimode)
Pitchbend and Modulation Wheel, Super Knob, four Sliders, four Knobs
7“ Wide-VGA Touchdisplay
Stereo Line Output: 6.3 mm mono phone jack x2
Stereo Line Input: 6.3 mm mono phone jack x2
Stereo Phones Output: 6.3 mm stereo phone jack

USB [TO DEVICE] to connect USB memory sticks
USB [TO HOST] to connect to PCs, USB-Audio-Interface function (two
stereo channels from PC to MODX+, five stereo channels from MODX+ to
PC) and DAW Remote (for Cubase, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Pro Tools)
Two connectors for Footswitches (Sustain & Assignable)
Two connectors for Footcontrollers
Dimensions (W x D x H): 1,333 mm × 404 mm × 160 mm
Weight: 13.8 kg

Included accessories
Owner’s Manual
AC adaptor
License & Download Code for Steinberg Cubase AI

Optional accessories
Footswitches and Footcontrollers (FC3A, FC4A, FC5, FC7)
Soft Case SC-MODX8

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