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Zomo Case Set 100 MK2 Black

Zomo - Case Set 100 MK2 Black

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The Zomo Set 100MK2 ist the perfect solution for 2 Pioneer CDJ-100 cd player and 1 x 10" Mixer. Easy to transport and it protects against foreign access. The Zomo flightcase series is absolutely road and flight ready and protects its content durable before hits and negative influence.
• Professional design
• Pro quality for the hardest missions
• Aluminium profiles
• Solid Corners
• Extra solid construction
• Comfortable handle
• Lockable by an optional pad lock
• Clean and interior
• Capacity: 2 x Pioneer CD-Player CDJ-100 and 1 x 10" Mixer
• Dimensions: 854 x 512 x 189mm
• Weight: 12,95kg