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Zomo P-2000/12 Plus NSE

Zomo - P-2000/12 Plus NSE

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The P-2000/12 Plus NSE is definitely one of the most attractive and most multifunctional Zomo Flightcases. It is especially designed for two Pioneer CDJ-2000, Pioneer CDJ-900, Pioneer CDJ-1000, Pioneer CDJ-800 sowie 1 x Pioneer DJM-800 . The P-2000/12 Plus NSE is a compact case with a slidable deposition for a laptop or interface and a keyboard deposition that can easily be pulled out. The clever design will make it easy for you to arrange your workspace in just a few seconds. The P-2000/12 Plus NSE assures the protection of your expensive equipment from demage and unauthorised access while travelling. Also two small wheels will make it comfortable for you to transport even heavy equipment. The Zomo Equipmentcase P-2000/12 Plus NSE (NSE = NIGHT STYLE EDITION) is an absolute eye catcher everywere it is being used.

• Professional quality
• Black design
• Protects from damage
• Professional quality. Build for performance
• Robust steel ball corners
• Extra stable edition
• Comfortable hold
• Two integrated rolls for an easier transportation
• Fits for the following CD-Player:
Pioneer CD-Player CDJ-2000 /CDJ-900 /CDJ-1000 /CDJ-800 but also with other 12 Inch CD-Player
• Fits for the following Mixer:
Pioneer DJM-800 or many other 12 inch mixing desks.
For example: Allen & Heath or Denon
• Duly processed inside upholstering

Technical Data:
• Dimensions: 115 x 33 x 85 cm
• Weight: 23 kg