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Zomo Pro Stand D-3700 for 1 x DN-S3700

Zomo - Pro Stand D-3700 for 1 x DN-S3700

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OBS! Säljs utan baseplate! Basplattan säljs separat (se nedan).

The Zomo Pro Stand D-3700 is especially designed for the Denon DN-S3700. The Pro Stand D-3700 is the best way to place your CD-Player directly above a mixer or turntable. The deposition fits exactly to the Denon DN-S3700 to avoid slippery. Also, the Pro Stand is build to last without neglecting comfort. That makes it a perfect choose for using it on tour. The Zomo Pro Stand D-3700 can also be arranged in height and horizontal angle. The deposition is also changeable, so that you can easily change it when you deside to get yourself new equipment. It's easy to install the Zomo Pro Stand D-3700. It can be placed on any table just by using four screws. If you are in possession of the optional available baseplate, you can also fix the Pro Stand by placing the baseplate under the CD-Player. Either way, you will never have to bore to fix your equipment.
Sheer genius and totally cool! It´s Zomo!

• Professional equipment stand
• Made of solid steel
• Perfect hold
• Fits for: 1 x Denon DN-S3700
• Optional accessory: Base plate

Technical Data:
• Basis: 450 x 5 x 445 mm
• Hight: range from 280 to 440 mm
Base plate is not included!

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