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AKG C 480 B-CB-61

AKG - C 480 B-CB-61

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The AKG C480B-CB-61 is designed specifically for excellent audio quality and maximum flexibility.
The AKG C480B CB61's electronic circuitry coupled to a transformerless output stage assures completely linear transfer characteristics across the entire audio bandwidth, while achieving self-noise figures close to the theoretical minimum. This, in combination with a typical SPL handling capability of 140 dB broadband means a dynamic range exceeding 125 dB, making the system suitable for the most critical digital recording applications. Gold plated switch and connector contacts guarantee consistent performance.
AKG C480B-CB-61 comes with the CK 61-ULS Capsule. The ruler-flat frequency response and consistent polar pattern of the CK 61-ULS make it ideal for critical recording and live sound applications where consistent suppression of off-axis sound is an important requirement.

The AKG C480B-CB-61 Main Features Include:

•Ultralow noise preamplifier for use with ULS series capsules
•Multiple directional capsules and configurations available on a high performance powering/preamp module
•Extremely flat on-axis response for all models
•Three sensitivity settings (0, +6, and -10 dB)
•High acoustic level capability