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Decksaver Decksaver Spin/Typhoon

Decksaver - Decksaver Spin/Typhoon

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The Decksaver Spin/Typhoon Cover is designed specifically for the Vestax MIDI Controller Spin and Vestax MIDI Controller Typhoon. This Cover is an essential product required by all Vestax Spin oder Typhoon owners for protection, reducing the risk of damage caused by dust and impact when not in use. Decksavers are specifically designed to keep your technology investment safe and sound.
The Spin/Typhoon dust protection cover fits securely around the controller ensuring its sexy design is not hidden. Unlike acrylic covers which were prone to cracking, the Decksaver cover is produced using the best quality plastic available; Polycarbonate which is a major component used in the construction of bulletproof-glass. These original and high quality dustcovers have been recommended by clubs and bars.

• Designed for Vestax MIDI Controller Spin oder Typhoon
• Shields from dirt, dust, liquids & impact
• Polycarbonate construction (as used in bullet proof glass)
• Clouded / transparent finish
• As used in clubs, bars & studios worldwide