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Magic FX Power Shot
Power Shot Power Shot Power Shot Power Shot

Magic FX - Power Shot

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Magic FX

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The Power Shots are the most easy and professional confetti and streamer shot units available. The Power Shots are designed to fire prefilled single use electric cannons. The electric cannons contain a pressurized nitrogen cartridge for a powerful effect. The cannons are available in 40 and 80 cm’s, prefilled with confetti or streamers. Electric cannons save time, are available at a low price and are easy to use. Electric cannons launch confetti up to 12 meters and streamers up to 20 meters! The Power Shots are actuated by a 230V power source. This makes it possible to fire cannons easily by a 230V power switch, by remote control, by a foot switch or in combination with a switch pack by DMX.

Size : 13x12 cm
Weight : 1.7 kg
Voltage : 230 V
Power : 100 W
Service : 230V on/off or DMX by using a switch pack
Consumption/Capacity : - Electric Confetti Cannons 40cm: 5m - Electric Confetti Cannons 80cm: 12m - Electric Streamer Cannons 40cm: 10m - Electric Streamer Cannons 80cm: 20m
Guarantee : 3 years