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Proel GF14

Proel - GF14

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GOLDEN FEET is the new complete pedal series combining Italian design, American technology and PROEL practicability. This new Stereo Volume Control pedal, features two completely independent inputs and outputs. A 100K Ohm potentiometer is controlled by the pedal, and a second, lateral potentiometer sets maximum output level, for a sharp and accurate output signal volume of the guitars (cable not included).

Construction materials : Thermoplastic ABS with rubber covered galvanized weighted base
Width : 93 mm(3.661inch )
Height : 61 mm(2.402inch )
Depth : 212 mm(8.346inch )
Weight : 0.665 kg(1.466lb )
Inputs : nr.2 mono jack female sockets ø 6.3 mm.
Input Impedance : 2 x 100 Kohm
(2 ¿long-life¿ linear guitar potentiometers)
Outputs : nr.2 mono jack female sockets ø 6.3 mm.
Controls : Volume adjustment
Master pack : 1 pcs
Notes : - Metal reinforced plate to guarantee higher stability during use.
- Anti-slip material covering for a perfect grip on the pedal.
- Rubber covering bottom base for an excellent grip to the ground.