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RME - AI4S-192 AIO

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4 channel 24 bit 192 kHz analog input expansion for HDSPe AIO or HDSP 9632
The RME AI4S 192 AIO Expansion Board is a 4 channel analog input module with 192 kHz support for the HDSPe AIO or HDSP 9632. The AI4S 192 AIO adds additional analog inputs of true studio quality to the HDSP 9632 and the HDSPe AIO.
This option for the HDSP 9632 and HDSPe AIO is designed as a bracket with 4 stereo TRS jacks. The AI4S 192 AIO provides four servo-balanced inputs. With this a maximum of 6 (including the stereo I/O of the card) inputs can be achieved.
The converters offer the same performance as the on-board stereo analog I/O of the HDSPe AIO: up to 192 kHz, balanced connection and the choice of three different reference levels, selected in the Settings dialog.
The RME AI4S 192 AIO Expansion Board can be used single or in combination with the AO4S 192. The display of the channels in TotalMix changes accordingly. One AI4S 192 AIO and one AO4S 192 AIO can be connected simultaneously, for a maximum of 6 analog inputs and 6 analog outputs. One TDIF Expansion Board can also be connected to the internal ADAT ports, and a Word Clock Module adds one word clock input and two outputs. All options can be used at the same time. The TEB and WCM are sold separately.