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Showtec Magican Hazecan

Showtec - Magican Hazecan

Artnr: IDS0015191

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Finns i butikslager.


Leveranstid ca 1-3 vardagar.


249 kr

179 kr/st

To create special effects for the smaller indoor venues without installing a fog machine or having to handle a large can of fog liquid, Showtec now introduces Magican with which you can create your own special atmosphere. Ready to use instantly, the Magican creates a hazer-effect which can last up to 2 hours and which gives your venue just that little bit extra.

• Odourless
• Long lasting
• No CFC's, Ozone safe
• No heat, non-toxic
• Non-irritating
• Immediate use
• Read the operating and safety instructions before using the Magican