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Yamaha YC88

Yamaha - YC88

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A stage keyboard for organists
Drawbar organs have long been a distant dream for the everyday performer thanks to the intricate mechanics and high price tag associated with the expressive instrument. The YC88 manages to capture the mechanics in a compact design made affordable for everyday performers. The YC88 achieves this whilst remaining lightweight, perfect for performers on the road.

The YC88 design features nine drawbars, allowing for exciting performances that utilise VCM technology to achieve authentic sounds. Flexible in application and performance, the YC88 is perfect for keyboard players looking for an instrument to match their potential.

VCM technology
In order to achieve the authentic organ sounds, a sound engine was designed specifically for the YC88. Based on proprietary Virtual Circuitry Modelling technology, the YC88 is designed to replicate the behaviour of transistors and resistors in tonewheel and drawbar circuits. This attention to detail results in a collection of truly authentic organ sounds including rotary speakers and vintage effects. Every detail of the organ sounds can be edited, providing a huge scope for sound creation.

A true organ feel
The authenticity doesn’t stop with the organ sounds. Sounds aren’t achieved without the performer and great detail has been placed into creating an expressive playing platform. The waterfall keyboard has been developed from scratch, specifically for the YC88. This provides the right amount of resistance to create a playing surface that matches the vintage tones.

The drawbars have also been carefully created for the YC88 to provide haptic feedback. This means the drawbars respond to movements with analog drawbar feel. Thanks to the technology, the YC88 is also capable of providing visual feedback through LED indicators independent of the drawbars position. This ensures the artist has a visual indication of both drawbar position and the currently active setup of the YC88.

Not just an organ
The YC88 has been packed with a range of features optimised for organ sounds. However, thanks to the VCM technology, the YC88 is able to also offer a range of authentic piano and synthesizer sounds. Right from purchase, the YC88 features two premium Yamaha concert grand piano settings. A whole host of electric pianos in the tradition of classic FM synthesis enhances the instrument’s capabilities even more, ensuring the YC88 is the only live keyboard you’ll need.

Designed for the stage
The authenticity of the sounds achieved with the YC88 mean that they will find a place of studio recordings. Despite this, the YC88 has been designed with live performance at the forefront of decision making. The controls of the YC88 avoid complex menus in favour of easy access parameters that allow for quick switching and editing. All this is achieved in a lightweight design, ensuring performers on the road are able to carry the instrument on their own.

88-key digital stage piano with drawbars
Intuitive control surface
Natural wood hammer action keybed
Detailed organ, piano and synthesizer sounds
Nine drawbars offering haptic feedback
LED indicators of active instrument setup
Virtual Circuitry Modelling technology
Lightweight design built for live performance
Control interface:Number of keys: 88
Type: Semi-weighted waterfall keyboard, initial touch
VoicesTone generating technology: VCM Organ, AWM2, FM
Number of polyphony (Max.): [VCM Organ + AWM2]:128 *total of VCM Organ and AWM2, [FM]:128
Number of live set sound: 160 (preset live set sounds:80)
Number of voices: 145 (organ:6 / keys:139)
Effects:Effects: 32 types
Insertion effect: organ 1 systems (pre drive) / Key A 2 systems (1: 32 types, 2: 32 types) / Key B 2 systems (1: 32 types, 2: 32 types)
Speaker/amp: 6 types (rotary speaker: 2 types, amp: 4 types)
Reverb: 1 type
Master EQ: 3 band (with sweepable Mid)
Connectivity:Line out: OUTPUT [L/MONO]/[R] (6.3 mm, standard phone jacks, UNBALANCED)
Headphones: [PHONES] (6.3 mm, standard stereo phone jack)
AUX: INPUT [L/MONO]/[R] (6.3 mm, standard phone jacks)
Other: [AC IN]
Display: full dot LCD (128 x 64 dots)
Additional package contents: owner’s manual x 1, power cord x 1

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