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Zomo Flightcase CDJ-1 XT Silver

Zomo - Flightcase CDJ-1 XT Silver

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The Flightcase CDJ-1 by Zomo is an universal case and the ideal solution, to transport several CD-Players or a 12” Mixer, protect them against dust, damage or unauthorized access.
To enable that, there are some pads included in delivery, with which you can adjust your individual equipment in a secure and clean way. On the front you can find a panel for the Slot-In of the CD-Player and the handling of the mixer
The CDJ-1 Case also convinces in optics with modern design! The solid construction stands for high qualitiy equipment. You can also use the 2 security locks, to defend your case against unauthorized access! The optimal utilization of possibilities is given in connection with the laptop stand LS-1 by Zomo. Like this, you can work on two areas and place the laptop stand direcly above the CDJ-1 Case.
• professional design
• a real pro quality product
• Aluminium profiles
• covered corners
• robust release
• confortable carrying handle
• clean worked up interior padding
• included security locks for more security
• light weight
• Capacity: 1 x CDJ-1000/CDJ800/DN-S3500/SL-DZ1200
• Dimensions: 45cm x 40cm x 21cm