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Zomo LS-50 Laptop Stand

Zomo - LS-50 Laptop Stand

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The Zomo LS-50 Laptop Stand is an useful and fortunate accessory for mobile DJs and musicians.
Most DJ-Desks are not offering much space to place own equipment, the LS-50 is the perfect solution to place a lot of equipment on minimal space. Laptops, Controllers, Mixer and CD-Players can be placed easy and fast with the Zomo Laptop Stand LS-50. All established Laptops and other equipment can be used in combination with the LS-50.
The height and angle can be adjusted perfectly in just a few handles by opening four screw connections (without tool). This makes it even more flexible and faster. The Zomo LS-50 laptop stand can be fixed easily, like his predecessor on almost every flight cases, as a clip version on all desktops or set as an on-the-top version to the DJ booth, or slide under the mixer or turntable. In addition, the Zomo LS-50 is delivered in a high quality, practical Neoprene bag, which can store the Zomo LS-50 space before and after use and protect it from damage.

Sheer genius and totally cool! It´s ZOMO

• Designed for professional DJ´s
• Compatible with any sized Laptop, Mixer, CD-Player, MIDI-Controller and many more
• Easy to arrange
• Rotatable with built-in adjustable height and angle feature (with snap lock)
• Solid, stable construction

Technical Data:
• Dimensions: to 400 mm (H) x 380 (B) x 250 mm (T)
• Material: metal
• Max. load: 10 kg
• Colour: black
• Weight: 3,20 kg