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Zomo Recordcase OB-80 XT Silver

Zomo - Recordcase OB-80 XT Silver

Artnr: IDS0007819


Tillgänglig i butik på ca 14-20 vardagar.


Leveranstid ca 14-20 vardagar.

999 kr/st

The Zomo Recordcase OB-80 XT is a oblique cutted DJ case. When its open the records can be easily splitted and get clearly aranged for a better and faster search after the right vinyl. Because of the gradient divide the records can be seen very well and are protected ideal. The shapely design makes this case to a winner!
• light weight
• butterfly lock
• lockable by a padlock
• cool Design
• solid aluminium
• aluminium profiles
• chrome angles
• interior foam
• Capacity: ca. 80 LPs
• Size: 360 x 275 x 350 mm