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Zomo Recordcase RP-50 XT Silver

Zomo - Recordcase RP-50 XT Silver

Artnr: IDS0007807

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The Zomo RP-50 is a very practical DJ case for the first set and has a 75/25 splitting. It has lockable snap locks, a comfortable handle and a removable top. These practical features are making this case to an interesting companion. The Zomo RP-50 is ideal for Beginners or as an endorsement to the already remaining recordcases or recordbags.
• Light weight
• comfortable handle
• lockable snap locks
• Interior foam
• cool design
• material: solid aluminium
• aluminium profiles
• chrome corners
• Capacity: approx. 50 LPs
• Size: 360 x 220 x 395 mm