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Way Huge
Way Huge WHE-101 Angry Troll
WHE-101 Angry Troll
The mighty Angry Troll boost pedal serves up monstrous portions of volume and gain to pumm...
1095 kr
Way Huge
Way Huge WHE-201 Pork Loin
WHE-201 Pork Loin
The Pork Loin Overdrive Guitar Pedal incorporates 2 distinct tonal pathways that are blend...
2012 kr
Way Huge
Way Huge WHE-203 Red Llama
WHE-203 Red Llama
This Way Huge Red Llama overdrive guitar effects pedal is not a reproduction, but a contin...
1395 kr
Way Huge
Way Huge WHE-401 Swollen Pickle
WHE-401 Swollen Pickle
The Swollen Pickle mkII Jumbo Fuzz is the most sought-after and corpulent Way Huge guitar ...
1495 kr
Way Huge
Way Huge WHE-701 Aqua Puss
WHE-701 Aqua Puss
The Way Huge Electronics Aqua-Puss MkII Analog Delay pedal offers bold analog and tape del...
1695 kr
Way Huge
Way Huge WHE103
The Way Huge laboratory has resurrected the Saffron Squeeze™ Compressor, and it came back ...
1642 kr
Way Huge
Way Huge WHE205 Saucy Box Overdrive
WHE205 Saucy Box Overdrive
From the visionary depths of the Way Huge laboratory comes the Saucy Box Overdrive. Like t...
1695 kr
Way Huge
Way Huge WHE212 Doubleland Special
WHE212 Doubleland Special
The Doubleland Special Overdrive takes the bold and punchy Overrated Special OD—designed just for Jo
3595 kr
Way Huge
Way Huge WHE406 Conquistador Fuzzstortion
WHE406 Conquistador Fuzzstortion
Aggressive gated fuzz. Simple control interface. True bypass.
1642 kr
Way Huge
Way Huge WHE408 Russian Pickle
WHE408 Russian Pickle
Fuzz-pedal med Volume-, Tone- & Distortion-rattar, bypass
1989 kr
Way Huge
Way Huge WHE702S Echo Puss
WHE702S Echo Puss
The Way Huge Echo-Puss was designed by delay expert Jeorge Tripps for players who want an ...
1807 kr
Way Huge
Way Huge WHE707 Way Huge Supa-puss
WHE707 Way Huge Supa-puss
The Way Huge® Supa-Puss™ Analog Delay was designed by delay master Jeorge Tripps for explo...
2450 kr